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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grocery List Time Out: Cowboys, Cars & Indians

Usually I take a quick browse through silly vintage ads when I need a break from the grocery list mania of Wednesday mornings.  However, today my 3-year old really needed me to play "Car Town" with him, and who can say no to that face??
Your Food Lion ad will be up at naptime, but until then, here is my grocery list "Time-Out".   Notice the cowboy and Indian he has posed in a shootout.  I'm the pink car, Addie says the pink car is the mommy police.


  1. Totally necessary - keeping it in perspective there. :D Have fun playing cars - it doesn't last long enough before they are out in the driveway playing with big cars and making plans to move to college in a couple of years.

  2. must be a car morning, by 2 yr old that had brain sugery less than a month ago had me playin cars and building should treasure those times--I know I do even more now!!!!

  3. I played trains with my 3 year old god son today. He loved it when they crashed off the tracks, lol. They are precious at this time. God bless and enjoy!



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