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Monday, February 8, 2010

Huggies RR are ROLLING!

I just read on AFullCup that the Huggies RR deal is ROLLING!  That means that when you earn a $3 RR from Huggies, you can use it to turn around and buy more Huggies, and on and on and on....  This might not last long, and I'll update the post if I find out the rolling has ended - but for now, get thee to a Walgreens all you mommies!!!

(Old-Timers get going!  New couponers, read on...)

Okay now, I don't want to confuse our newbies here, so let me take a moment to explain what all the excitement is about.
As a rule, at Walgreens, you cannot use the RR earned from Product "A" to buy another Product "A".  In fact, you can't use a Register Reward earned from any product made by Manufacturer "A" to pay for any other product made by Manufacturer "A".  If you do, it will suppress the RR you were supposed to earn from your 2nd purchase.

For Instance:
Kimberly Clark makes Huggies and Kotex.  If you earned a $3 RR from Huggies this week, and bought Kotex with it - your $3 Kotex RR would not print.  The same with trying to buy more Huggies with it - your Huggies RR won't print.

That is why we have to come up with elaborate scenarios to bounce back and forth between manufacturers when we do our purchases, so we can keep using our Register Rewards to pay for items.
When a Register Reward is found to be "ROLLING", however, it means that a RR earned from Huggies Pack #1 can be used to buy Huggies Pack #2 and a Register Reward wills still print out!  Hooray!  Now you don't have to buy something in-between each Huggies purchase - you can just get one after another and use your RR to help pay for them.

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  1. Yeah, its working in Knoxville, TN.

  2. Oh, I wish I had known earlier! I bought 3 pullups today and did 3 separate transaction so that I could get all my RR's!! Oh, well, at least I have $9 to use next time!

  3. Alternating back and forth with the Dove men's body wash RR is excellent, pay very little money out of pocket

  4. If you can find the dove! I have been to 3 Walgreen's and they are all out.



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