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Sunday, February 7, 2010

SuperBowl Commercial Tip! (Already Live??)

UPDATE: I just went to check the site and it looks like it's already live??  I wonder if this commercial already aired this morning???  Anyway, I went ahead and entered now just in case, and I'll enter with my husband's name during the game.  You might want to do the same!!

If you're stuck enjoying watching the SuperBowl today, you might want to keep your eyes out for the Dockers commercial about the man who wears no pants (believe me, it's not as exciting as it sounds).  If you are one of the first 2010 people to register following the live broadcast of this commercial, you will win a pair of men's soft khakis from Dockers!  (Approx. retail value $30, you will be notified 24-72 hours after the promotion has ended)

Read all the details HERE, but basically, as soon as you see that Dockers commercial come on - grab a pen, write down the instructions, and hop on the computer to enter! 

1 comment:

  1. Hi ladies! Just wanted to let you know...We won a pair of pants! My husband is happily ordering them now. :)

    Thanks a million for the heads-up. I never would've gotten my act together in time without you!



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