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Friday, February 12, 2010

Walgreens 15% Discount on 2/12 (= 8¢ Huggies!)

Woo-Hoo!  I haven't done my Walgreens trip yet this week, so once again my procrastinating has paid off!  Go to the Walgreens website today (OR Text "HEART" to 21525) for a 15% OFF coupon to use on 2/12.  This discount might seem small - but think of it this way:
Now Dove Mens Care will be $5.09 (instead of $5.99 ~ Get $5.99 RR Back
- Use the $1.25 Q from the 2/7 P&G to pay only $3.84 ~ Get $5.99 RR Back
Makes it a $2.15 Moneymaker!

Now Huggies will be $7.54 (instead of $8.99) ~ Get $3 RR Back
- Use the $2/1 PRINT to pay only $5.74 ~ Get $3 RR Back
Makes it $2.74 per pack!!

*NOTE: The 15% also affects store coupons.  So the children's activity book coupons, for instance, will be 15% less of a discount.  The 15% Q does NOT count towards the number of coupons you are using.  You must take this to COSMETICS or PHOTO to use your discount coupon!
Here is a little trio of scenarios to get you excited (especially you Huggies people!) - but you can find lots more scenarios to roll HERE - Thanks to Sleepy on AFullCup!

Trans 1
(1) Dove body wash $5.09 (after 15% off)
$1.25/1 Dove
Pay $3.84 + tax
Receive $6 RR (Dove - Unilever)

Trans 2
(2) Triaminic 2/$8.50 (after 15% off)
(4) 3 Musketeers Bars 42¢ (after In-Ad Q + 15% Off)
(2) $1.50/1 Triaminic and $6 RR (Dove)
Pay $1.18 + tax
Receive $5 (Novartis) & $1.50 (Mars Candies)

Now, you can roll these back and forth until you're out of coupons....OR get some 8¢ Huggies:

Trans 3 (If you need diapers)
1 Pack of Huggies $7.54 (after 15% Discount)
1 Super Poli-Grip $1.70 (after 15% Discount)
2 Valentine Pencils 17¢ ea (after In-Ad Q + 15% Discount)
$2/1 Huggies PRINT (IE ) or (FF Link) + $1/1 Poli-Grip from 1/3 RP + $5 RR (Novartis) + $1.50 RR (Mars)
Pay 8¢ + Tax
Receive $3 RR (Huggies) + $2 RR (Glaxo-Smith-Kline)


  1. The way this drug store thing works blows my mind. I just CAN NOT wrap myself around it. So do I HAVE to buy the superpolygrip? I mean, I don't have one I know does. Help!?

  2. Oh Lori- you need a hug! Don't stress out, really, you don't have to do these scenarios exactly, it was just an idea. The Poli-Grip was a good item to add so that you could make $2 of RR while only paying 70¢ out of pocket. It was added mostly just to make money. If you only want to buy the Huggies, just add 1 tiny filler so you can use both the $2 coupon & the $5 RR to pay for it.
    Does that help?

  3. Hee hee - I did almost all of my Wags shopping this afternoon after our false alarm of "blizzard" alerts. I did pick up the Dove off the truck went it showed up this week, but other than a razor on Sunday - I didn't purchase anything else. I figured I would wait and do it during my grocery run...I am so glad I waited. I had to do a little refigure on the Vicks deal - but the "vicks" puffs counted toward the deal, so I just changed one of the boxes of regular puffs for one of these and still got my $10 RR. I really like their discount - they should do it more often. :D I guess that is their way of showing how much they love us this Valentine's Day weekend.

    Lori - don't give up. My mom is still struggling to get it and she goes with me every weekend. I will tell you what I tell her - start little with what you or your family will use. I started with ONLY what we would use until I understood how it worked - and it gave me a chance to get to know the Wags that is coupon friendly and which cashiers I like. Now I get whatever ends up being free or less than $1 even if we don't use it - because I add them to my monthy donation boxes. That way - I benefit in the money maker, but I share that gift with those that need it. For me - it's a matter of being able to give back - it costs my time and maybe a little of my $$ - but gives me so much more. Just try something small - Jamie encouraged me to jump into Rite Aid and I am still figuring it out - but I'll get it before too long. So - start small, and keep asking questions - we all help each other out. :D



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