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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dove NOT Rolling Anymore - Plus Other RR Issues

Just a heads up guys - Looks like the registers have been adjusted so that the Dove RR deal is not "rolling" anymore.  This means that now if you buy 1 Dove for $4 and get a $4 RR, you shouldn't use that to pay for another Dove, or it will not print out an
other RR for you.  I hope lots of you were able to get a few!

Coupon + Register Rewards = Trouble in Georgia
Another issue I wanted to address is the trouble our Georgia readers have been having with Register Rewards NOT PRINTING if a coupon is used for an item.  We've heard from several of our Georgia Walgreens shoppers that if they use a coupon on a RR item, it prevents that RR from printing out.

This must be so frustrating for you guys, especially when the Walgreens ad itself promotes using a coupon on a RR item!  See below, on the Dove RR deal, it tells us to Buy a Dove item for $4 and Get $4 RR Back - then it notes that there are coupons in this Sunday's paper we can use!

I wish-wish-wish Walgreens would come out with an official coupon policy to clear up all these store discrepancies.  Let me know if your Walgreens is one of those that won't print out a RR when a coupon is used - I'll try to keep that in mind in the future!


  1. This is the first time a RR hasn't printed for me and I did use a coupon. My store is usually VERY flexible. I'm not sure if this is a freak thing or if it's a new change. I'll keep you posted... I live in Smyrna TN, (Nashville area)

  2. I'm headed to Wags in Ringgold, GA today and I will try the Dove RR deal and let you know if it prints. Sounds like they may end up on the no shop list for us along with Kmart. Thanks for the heads up!!

  3. Walgreen's on Brainerd Rd. doesn't print RR if you use a coupon.

  4. i got my RR on monday and used a coupon, then my husband did the same and he got a RR.

  5. Actually the Walgreen's on Brainerd Rd will print a RR with a coupon, but you must do your transactions up front and not at the cosmetics counter. I had a horrible experience there one day trying to figure this out! Once we figured out the problem the manager just printed them from the front registers! HTH!

  6. I was supposed to get a $2.50 catalina deal (maybe even RR...not sure)on Kotex products, but I used a coupon and they didn't print out. The manager said that the catalina company is trying to fix it and all she could do was give me a sheet to fill out! This was in Macon on Vineville Ave.

  7. No particular reason to comment...except that I used to live in Macon! Actually, I lived just across the border in Lizella. (DH was stationed at Warner Robins.) I loved living in the county, yet being so close to the mall! :o) It was awfully hot and we had issues with lizards and scorpions (Eek!), but I've lived in Hawaii since then, so hot weather and big "bugs" aren't such a big deal now. Haha! In fact, I welcomed the geckos in Hawaii 'cuz they eat bugs.

    I am totally new to the Wags RR thing. I went into my local Wags thinking I needed a rewards card. So, when I asked, the cashier looked at me like I was an alien. Gotta love a store that gives you the deals WITHOUT a rewards card! I have so many that I call them a "deck of cards". Anyway, about the cashier, he turned out to be so nice and patient, though, as I went through 3 transactions with coupons and used each RR on the next transaction. :) The folks at CVS have been real patient too and they even compliment me on "doing a good job of saving."

  8. At the Wags in Ringgold, GA I got the Dove $4 RR when I used a coupon and I checked out at the photo counter. Also, I bought one of the Lysol auto hand soap dispensers (they are on sale for $9.99 w the coupon in the monthly booklet) and I used the $5 off coupon from the paper on 3/28 and when the cashier scanned the manufacturer Q and then the Wags Q, I got a $2.50 off catalina for the Lysol dispenser and the cashier scanned it (and then asked if I wanted it) and it took the $2.50 off! I'm not sure if I lucked out or what but I ended up paying $2.49 for a $14.99 Lysol soap dispenser starter kit.



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