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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Jamie here!  I don't know about you guys, but around here, we celebrate St. Patricks Day.  Although we look for any excuse to have some fun around here, this one is mostly because I'm Catholic.  We probably don't do it as traditionally as some - for instance corned beef sounds gross (I've never had it, it just sounds that way) and cabbage is also on my "If it tastes as bad as it smells, it shall never pass these lips" list.
However, we do mark the day with our own little traditions - here are a few of ours:

1) Our Annual "St. Patrick Drives the Gummy Worms Into The Sea" - Cake.  This commemorates the tale of St. Patrick driving Irelands snakes into the sea - and really, there's nothing better to honor a saint than a cake & gummy rendering of them.  Here you see St. Patrick (played by G.I Joe) wielding his Twix Staff as the gummies flee into an ocean of frosting.

2)  We dye things green.  Any old thing, really.  Cereal milk.  Macaroni & Cheese (see above).  Cheesy Eggs.  Apple Juice.  Just whatever.  The kids think it is gross and delightful at the same time!

3) We read the Story of St. Patrick and talk about the Shamrock as metaphor for the Trinity.  Gotta get in a little moral tale in between all the sugar!

4) Here are some fun crafts, coloring pages, and recipes to help you start up your own traditions!

Do you celebrate the day?  If so, how!


  1. I live in Dublin, GA so we celebrate St. Patrick's all month long!! We started with Hot Air balloon festival the 1st weekend in March, we have our annual pancake supper tomorrow night, and the big event is this weekend with a huge parade, arts & crafts, cornbeef & cabbage (at the Catholic church), followed by downtown munchies and lots of bands and entertainment!!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  2. Ah Jamie - you must never have tasted a of my specialties. Really dear - you must at least try it sometime just to say you have. My kids eat things that most adults won't touch...sushi anyone? Brussel sprouts, steamed broccoli, really veggies of any kind - we take a chance and try odd ball fruits constantly - ever heard of an Ugli fruit? No? Neither have I - so we bought one - yummy.

  3. Ooooh, Robin - I am so jealous of your fun town!

    Tiffany -I wish to God I wasn't such a fearful eater, but I am! I have improved though, I now will cook with onions (VERY small onions) and tomatoe chunks. You know, for pasta. That's about all I've "grown up" enough to do so far!

  4. O, I do miss Dublin, GA during the St. Patrick's week! Not much I don't eat, either....



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