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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Logic of using a BOGO Coupon on a BOGO Sale

NOTE: The following only applies to stores who offer "True BOGO" (I.e. Drugstores & Florida groceries).  Stores that really give you 1/2 off each item no matter how many you buy, don't apply in this reasoning.

I get lots of questions about using a BOGO on a BOGO sale - how can it make both free?  Is is cheating?  What stores allow this?  I've had problems with it myself - probably 50% of the times I've tried, I've been denied.  Sometimes even made to feel like I was doing something dishonest or illegal.  Well folks, here's the logic and the documentation to back it up!

Logic behind BOGO Coupon on a BOGO Item:

When a store offers BOGO, the customer pays for one item, and the store gives you the 2nd item free. (Item # 2 is FREE)

When you use a bogo coupon, the cashier writes Item # 1's Value (i.e. $4) on the coupon and sends it in to the manufacturer. The company doesn't care what the store sale was, they just reimburse the store for the $4, in effect paying for item #1.  (Item #1 is FREE)

Just because you are smart enough to take advantage of a store offer at the same time as a Manufacturer offer does not mean you are "Cheating". This is totally ethical, and is even supported in the Rite-Aid Coupon Policy HERE
and the CVS Coupon Policy HERE.   Here's the Rite-Aid Quote:

"If a customer presents a Buy One Get One Free coupon for the purchase of two items that are on a Buy One Get One Free promotion; we accept the coupon, essentially making both items free."

Walgreens is a different story, since they don't have an official coupon policy.   If your store doesn't understand/allow the BOGO logic - it's best to just surrender and find a store that is more coupon-knowledgable/friendly.

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