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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Starburst & Skittles Facebook Coupons

I know I'm a grown woman and all, but I looove me some candy!  I guess when you get stuck with pretzel sticks and "Wheatie Treats" (The much-less delicious version of the Rice Krispy Treat) in your lunchbox as a child - you end up with a bit of a candy obsession as an adult.

Here are some yummy facebook freebies to grab:

❥BOGO Starburst Coupon for becoming a fan HERE
❥BOGO Skittles Coupon for becoming a fan HERE

While you're getting your sugar fix, come join the community of Time2Savers on Facebook and be a fan HERE!  You might recognize a bunch of folks from your hometown - maybe you can score a coupon-buddy out of it!


  1. Just don't do this from a computer you don't print on! I wish I was warned everytime before I do this and I have to be on the printer computer! Please consider adding that to the post! Please!

  2. Sorry about that Shelley - if I'd known I would've added it to the post. I'm actually at my kitchen table on a Mac, with no printer hookup - so I don't know these things sometimes either.
    Thanks for the heads up, I'll add it to the post!



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