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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Take A Night Off - $25 Restaurant Gift Certificates for $2!

Preparation of a Meal:
Read the grocery lists, clip the coupons you need, plan your trip strategy, go to the grocery, put the groceries away, look up the recipe, cook the food, set the table, serve the food, clear the table, wash the dishes, collapse.  Hold on - did you even get to sit down to eat?

If the above description sounds about right - you need a break from cooking for a night!  Go out - let someone else cook for you - and enjoy the company of your family without refilling your children's drinks every 5 minutes and cleaning up after them!   Not only that, but do it cheaply with gift certificates.

You can get $25 Restaurant Gift Cards for only $10 at, and right now they are 80% Off when you use code "COOK". That makes a $25 restaurant gift card only $2!  Go HERE to see the restaurants in your local area.


  1. I just ordered this certificate and have printed out the copy but no idea what to do with it now? I want to give it to someone for their birthday. Can you please tell me what to do with it now? Thank you

    Ms. T

  2. Hey Ms. T!
    The certificate that you printed out is the same certificate you/your friend will present at the restaurant - it's just that easy! If you're giving it as a gift, you might want to print out a little snippet from the site that explains how to use it, etc.. for your friend. Then stick it in a cute envelope and give them a night out! Great idea and good luck1

  3. Could some kind soul explain to my frazzled brain just how this works?

    I understand there are minimum purchases. So if I purchase a $20 certificate for $10 and there is a minimum of $35 purchase, do I basically spend ($10 or less with discount code) plus $15 out of pocket (plus tip) and get $35 worth of food? Thanks if you can make sense of this.

  4. I'd be more than happy to explain! I've used these on nights out with my husband - and while it's not a free meal, it makes for a GREAT coupon! Here's how: You buy the $25 certificate for $2. The restaurant usually specifies a minimum $35 purchase, which means that after your certificate, you'll only pay $10 for $35 of food! Some restaurants say this can't include drinks, or tip, etc.. but like I said - it's basically a great coupon for a nice dinner. Hope that helps!

  5. Thanks Jamie! I think I understand now. I have been teaching far too much math to 13 yo son!



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