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Thursday, April 22, 2010

$10 off $10 at JCPenney Home Mailer!

My husband had to stick his head in the kitchen to ask what I was saying "YAY!" about yesterday - well it was this!  I received a Mother's Day gift from JC Penney fro $10 off a $10 Purchase!  I'll probably pick up some pillows or a couple new bath towels or something.

If you didn't receive this mailer, you can go online to and get $10 off a $10 or More Purchase using the code: "4BESTMOM"

I was looking online yesterday and I saw a lot of clearanced items for under $10 (this Juniors shirt was only $2.99)!  If you choose site-to-store shipping, it will be cheaper as well.  This is a nice idea for Mother's Day presents.....

Want to earn 6% Cashback?
Go to Ebates first, and let it redirect you to JCPenney's site!  Plus if you're a new Ebates user, you'll get a $5 Bonus just for registering!  Every little cashback bit helps..... 


  1. I learned today to call first when going for a freebie. After a long day at work, I drove out of my way with my empty bottle to claim my free moisturizer. I was so disappointed when I was told they had run out. She told me people made appointments this morning...ugh!

  2. Oh Jules - -that stinks! I'm sorry you had to go through that drive for nothing! I've done the same thing many times, I guess we really do need to remember to call first!



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