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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coupon Swaps: Let's Organize!

Are you cripplingly thrifty? Are all your “normal” friends beginning to back slowly away from you and your endless coupon stories? Do you need a support group?  You're in luck!!

As some of you know, I (Jamie) host a Cleveland, TN Coupon Swap about once a month at the local library conference room.  (It's was delayed this month due to the kids Spring Break followed by Easter - but will resume soon!)  I've met some awesome ladies there, and we've had fun sharing stories, eating goodies, and most importantly - trading coupons!

Well, we don't all live in Cleveland, and many have expressed a desire to get a coupon group started in their own neck of the woods.   Be it Chattanooga, Macon, Atlanta, Knoxville - or some tiny town in the middle of nowhere - you all deserve a coupon support group!  Well we've thought of a good way to help you do just that!

If you click on the Discussion Tab on our Facebook page, you will see the topic "Coupon Swaps: Let's Organize!"  This is a place where you can pipe up and ask folks from your area to have a coupon swap with you.  Once you have a few people ready to meet, we'll be happy to announce the dates and locations of planned swaps on the website - to help you get the word out.  

For those of you new to Facebook, you'll be going HERE and clicking on the tab that says "Discussions" - I took a picture of what that looks like for you below.

~How To Host A Coupon Swap~

If you'd like to start a group but aren't sure how to go about the business of creating a "Coupon Swap" - never fear!  I'll have a post put up in the next few days detailing how we and others like to do it.  Until then, just focus on rounding up some friends who want to join you!

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