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Friday, April 30, 2010

Hurry-Up! Nielsen Homescan is Accepting Applicants Again!

If you missed out on signing up/getting chosen last time around - get ready....

We just got an email that the Nielsen National Consumer Panel has just opened back up for new applicants.  This is the real deal guys!!
  • Once you join, you’ll be sent a hand-held scanner (FREE) to scan the barcodes of all your purchases. 
  • Once a week, you’ll send the information to Nielsen.
  • Best Part: You get points for scanning items - which you use to earn GIFT CARDS, Electronics, Home Items, Jewelry, etc...

  Panel members really do win great prizes- a few of our readers wrote in last time to say they were chosen!  Think how nice it would be to start earning gift cards for scanning groceries - that could go a long way to helping with birthday and holiday expenses.

Click HERE to apply as soon as possible!
Once this offer expires we will update to let you know.

1 comment:

  1. I have done this before, and if you keep up with it, you can get some really neat stuff. One thing to be aware of: with purchases from many stores, you don't just scan the bar code, but need to enter the price as well. It can be somewhat time consuming with large grocery shopping trips. So it takes some work, but can be worth it if you don't mind spending the extra time on it.



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