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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kmart Doubles

*Update - Click HERE for the list of stores that are participating in tomorrow's doubles.

If you've got your vision on Kmart doubles, here are some updates for you.  I (Kelly) went by our local Cleveland store last night to get some clarifications.  As Jamie has told you, the biggest change is that you MUST have the Kmart Rewards Card to participate in the doubles. The promotion is kind of like a perks for being a card member. This is a loyalty card, not a credit card.  It says to give it 72 hours to be processed, but I turned mine in at the service desk and since they weren't that busy she keyed it in right then.  Here are some things to remember:
  • Only 5 Manufacturer coupons will be doubled each day (this is monitored with the card)
  • If the coupon says "Limit one per purchase," they are treating it as "One per transaction." I tried to explain the difference in these two wordings, but the manager said that's how their computers are programed.
  • Have your coupons and 5 items ready. They would like to go through them and make sure they are correct before starting the transaction. This is for you.  If you accidentally picked up the wrong size or product for a coupon and it is rejected, then you will not be able to double any coupons for the rest of the day. (again, this is monitored by the card program, not the store).
  • If an item is $3.29 and you have a $2.00 coupon, no overage will be given.  The coupon will be doubled up to the price of the item, but not over it.
For those of you who have called your store and been told they weren't participating, the manager let me read the print out from corporate. It said 150 stores nationwide were participating and they would be notified by email on Sunday morning.  Therefore, your store may very well be participating, but may not know it until tomorrow morning. 

I also saw several great deals while I was there.  My favorite was some girl's winter flannel p.j.s (size 7/8) marked down to $1.99. There were several racks of winter clothes for all kid's sizes marked down to $1.99.  Up front, there was a display of manager's special items that included G2 Gatorade for 50¢...if you have the coupons from several week's ago that would make it free without any doubling.

We will continue working on good deals for doubles.  If you find any, please let everyone know through Facebook...we've set up a Discussions tab specifically for Kmart.  Stay in touch through the week as the manager knows how to get in touch with us if they have issues that need to be addressed.  The most important thing is that we want to have fun, be ethical and kind...always!

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