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Friday, April 2, 2010

Moneymaker Pilot Pens at Walgreens (Next Week)!

This deal is fantastic, but remember, it doesn't start till NEXT WEEK.  Christie over at WildForWags just send me the heads-up!

This next deal starts on 4/4 - and it is really, really awesome!  Pilot pens and highlighters will be priced at $1.19 each.  There is a coupon in the April IVC booklet (coupon pamphlet up front) for $1/1 - which will make them only 19¢ ea!

*I LOVE deals that easy, and I bet you new couponers do too!!*

But it gets EVEN BETTER - there is a rebate on the back of some of the pens/highlighters:
Buy 1 get a $1.25 refund
Buy 2 get a $2.75 refund
Buy 3 get a $4.50 refund

If you buy (3) for 19¢ each and send in for this rebate, you will make $3.93! 

-Thanks to WildForWags for this great deal! 

NOTE: Christie also put up a great little tutorial HERE on how to make sure the item you are buying will earn RR when it's one of those mysterious Month-Long deals that aren't in the ad.  This is something I never knew!

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