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Monday, April 19, 2010

Staples: Make PROFIT on *2* Cases of CopyPaper! (UPDATED COUPON CODE)

Staples is none too shabby either - follow the plan below to score 2 cases of printer paper for FREE!  That will last you a long, long time.....  If the original out of pocket is a bit too high on this - you might consider going in on it with a coupon-buddy!

  • Sign-up or Log-in to Ebates or ShopAtHome.  Doing this will earn you $1.54 - $6.54 Cashback + a $5 BONUS if you're a new member!
  • Now click on Staples while on Ebates or ShopatHome
  • Once redirected to Staples, search for these cases of paper: Item # 122374-QJ and add (2) of them to your cart (Total = $49.98)
  • Add (1) of Item #358046 (a pack of 12 pencils) to get your total to $50 for free home shipping  (Total = $51.59 + Tax)
Checking Out:
  • You can now use coupon code 47617 to deduct $10 from your total! (New Total = $41.59 + FREE Shipping)
  • Submit for a $32 Easy Saver Rebate on the paper (New Total =  $9. 41)
  • Your Ebates or ShopatHome will give you $1.54 - $6.54 Cash Back (Plus $5 Rebate for new customers)
  • New Total = FREE up to $7.93 for 2 Cases!
You DON'T have to be a Staples Rewards Member to do the above deal, but if you sign up for that as well (Apply immediately using the # in your email order confirmation) - you'll get an additional $3.75 in Staples Rewards per case!  That means....  YES.  You'll actually make money buying paper!

$49.98 2 Cases Paper
$1.61 1 Dozen Pencils
- $10.00 Coupon Code
- $1.54 ShopAtHome or $6.54 Ebates Rebate
- 5.00 ShopAtHome first time purchase rebate
- 32.00 Easy Rebates (Prepaid Visa)
- $7.50 Staples Rewards Rebate
Total: $4.45 Profit - $9.45 Profit (+ tax)

- Thanks to Penny Pinchin' Mama & MoneySaving Madness for working up this huge deal for all of us!


  1. Sorry Ladies, but it says the coupon has expired.

  2. Thanks Tayla - I found a working code - sorry about that!

  3. I just did this and it worked perfectly. It only took me about 10 minutes to do everything, including the rebate.

    I was able to select the option of a rebate check instead of a prepaid visa card, too!

    Thanks so much for this deal. You guys are AWESOME!!

  4. Hang on a second... those staples rewards aren't as great as they sound. Go here to read about why I'll probably never see those rewards.

    It's still a great deal, just probably not a money maker for most.

  5. Hey thanks Laura! You are awesome too! I'm going to read up on those Staples Rewards now - I hope we will see them...

  6. This was a great deal on getting some paper, right when I needed some! However, I signed up with $5 new sign-up bonus and I only got $0.84 through this 2-case deal. Can't beat $7 per case of paper, though, thanks!

  7. Darn I just barely missed this I guess. When I enter the item code it says the promotion is over!



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