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Sunday, May 16, 2010

AWESOME Kroger Huggies Scenarios!

Okay - I know "AWESOME" probably sounded like I was tooting my own horn for making great scenarios - but that's not what I meant at all.
I meant, if I lived near a Kroger, and I needed baby diapers or wipes, I would definitely say "AWESOME!"  when I realized how cheap they will be this week!  Let us know how YOU worked the Huggies deal - and I promise I'll say "Awesome!" to you too!

"Buy $15 in Huggies Items ~ Save $3 Instantly!"
(1) Huggies Jumbo Pack @ $8.99
(1) Wipes Refill pack @ $5.99
(1) Wipes Tub @ $1.99
Total = $16.97
Get $3 Instant Savings
Use $3/1 Diapers PRINT
Use $2/2 Wipes + Refill PRINT
Total = $8.97 for a pack of Huggies Diapers, a tub of wipes, and a MEGA Refill pack!


(5) Wipes Tubs @ $9.94
(1) Mega Refill Pack = $5.99
Total = $15.93
Get $3 Instant Savings
Use (2) $2/2 Wipes Tubs PRINT
Use (1) $2/2 Wipes + Refill Pack PRINT
Total = $5.93 for *5* Tubs of Wipes & a Mega Refill pack!!!


  1. I agree, this is Awesome. It's time for me to stock up on wipes and this is the perfect opportunity. Looks to be around 600 wipes - you can't even buy Walmart wipes that cheap. thanks.

  2. oops! Looks like I got a little "comment happy".

  3. hahaha!!
    Well - it made me feel "Extra" awesome - so thanks!

  4. do you know if this will work at Smiths also?? (kroger other name) If so, that would be "awesome!"

  5. I second your "AWESOME!" Do you know if it will work at all Krogers?? I dont know where to verify if it is working at my local store. I have checked the website, and dont see anything. Any chance you know more when it started/ended and where to look for the deal?

    New to Time2Save! Love it!

  6. Mandy - I don't know about Smith's - I'd google "Smith's Huggies Catalina" and see what info you come up with. They do often run the same catalinas - but I'm not sure if this is exactly a "Catalina" or just a promo.

    Mrs. k - I'm glad you're here on Time2Save! If you'll just go to and type in your zipcode - you'll be able to view the weekly ad. Flip through it to see if the Huggies Deal is mentioned!




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