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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Calling All Weekend Warriors!

Are you a "Weekend Warrior"?  

Do you get a home improvement project in your head and just go for it?  Do you cringe when someone suggests you just "hire someone" or "go out and buy one"?  Can you sympathize with Heathcliff Huxtable and his ongoing mission to fix the kitchen sink by himself?

If so - we need YOU!

I'd love to start a new weekly segment on DIY home/yard projects (They can be big or small!) that shows how Do-It-Yourselfers save money creatively!  Watching someone else complete a DIY project always motivates me to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty - so why not inspire each other?

I'll get things started for the first couple weeks with a few DIY projects my mom kindly documented for us (Week 1: Compost Pile Week 2: CampFire Circle).  That will give you guys *2 WHOLE WEEKS* to take some pictures and write up a brief "How-To" of a project you've done recently!

Just email your "Weekend Warrior" project, along with at least *3* photo attachments (I like pictures, what??) & Step-by-Step instructions to: time2saveworkshops @
Here's an idea of a step-by-step post, although this one is a cake....

If your idea is used:

You'll have the fantastic prize of knowing you've inspired us all to get up off our lazy behinds and do something productive!  And of course, bragging rights for your own DIY awesomeness :)   I'm really looking forward to seeing your ideas!!
- Jamie

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