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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catching up - here at McDonalds!

I'm sorry I've been absent today guys - ATT Internet is not working for the Chattanooga area until 9 am tomorrow morning.....  so here I sit at McDonalds Playplace!  Just me, some grocery lists, and 800 screaming kids....  (City schools just let out today.  Perfect timing.) 

I'm getting the Bi-Lo ad together now, so stay tuned!  Any of you who have made it to Food Lion already, please let me know how your trip went - someone commented that the Kraft deal isn't working right at their Food Lion.  I'm also curious if the Kool-Aid is working as part of the Kraft deal - anyone tried that?


  1. I went to Food Lion in Tullahoma, TN and they had 80% lean ground beef in family packs for 1.97 per lb.

  2. Wow, I can barely manage with one screaming kid, much less hundreds. You're a better woman than I.



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