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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coupon-Buddy Naming Contest!

Alright guys & gals - we all know how helpful it is to have a coupon-buddy, right?  Someone to carpool with on shopping adventures, to encourage us when we've had a bad experience, to swap coupons with and keep their eyes open for us when we're not around (you know, for blinkies and tearpads!)  

In summary:  A Coupon-Buddy - if you don't have one, GET ONE!

Here at Time2Save, we are going through a transformation - growing, changing, becoming something "more" than we thought we could be!  As we prepare to launch our new & improved website (Coming soon - among many other things!)  we would like to solidify the Butterfly as our symbol of Hope.

In keeping with this, we'd like to come up with a Buttefly-themed name for our Coupon Buddies!  We've had a couple suggestions so far - but we want MORE from you!  So think hard - dust off your metaphors & similes - and leave a suggestion below!  If we use your suggestion, we'll give you a FREE WORKSHOP!  (And your name in lights and all that jazz.....)  So here's the ideas we've had so far:

★ Flutter-Friends
★ Fly-Girls

Now what are your ideas?  Answer soon - we'll be deciding TONIGHT!

1 comment:

  1. Hello...first off, I want to start by saying I absolutely love this site...secondly, im a little disappointed that so many people are choosing names that contain girls, sisters or queens etc...there are lots of couponing men out there too..I for one am trying to get my husband more involved in couponing, and im sure he would be pretty offended to be included as a girl or sister...just a thought. Anywho, keep up the awesome work ya'll...I absolutely love this site.



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