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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Frugal Father's Day Photo Collage

Father's Day isn't until June 21st - but if you're planning anything using photos, it's best to start early.  You need to plan your idea, take the photos, and have them printed.  Then you'll need to grab a frame and arrange them!
To do a simple "Dad" photo collage:
  • Buy a couple foam or wood craft letters that can spell out DAD, DADDY, FATHER, PAPA, etc...
  • Take your child/children to a nice outdoor locale (i.e. pretty park, forest, etc...)
  • Pose them with letters - take several shots of each letter so you can pick the best later
  • Develop photos and arrange in a horizontal collage-frame (a simple DAD would be cheapest, since you could go with a 3-opening frame)
  • Voila!  A memorable gift, costing very little!
Get all the pictures for this project printed FREE by going through the following photo sites:

Kodak Gallery - 50 Prints for New members
Snapfish - 50 Free Prints for New members
York Photo - 40 Free Prints for New members w/ code "YMWCP" at checkout
*Click the green York Banner below for the Free Prints offer 

York Photo

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