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Sunday, May 9, 2010

I just saved $107 on my hotel! WOOT!

I haven't stayed in a hotel in years - but I am in one RIGHT NOW (in Louisville, Ky!) so that I can be here as my little brother graduates from Medical School (Yay!)

When trying to find the cheapest way humanly possible to get a hotel for 3 nights, I decided to take my own advice from a recent post I wrote on "Travel Deals" and use a cashback program and a hotel dealfinding site...  AND WOW!!  Let me show you how I saved a ton!
  • Then, seeing that ShopAtHome had some coupons available - I checked them out... and there was a $20 Rebate on a 3-Night Stay!  Thanks ShopAtHome!
  • Next, I entered the site and found a hotel that was 30% Off the regular rate - Yippee!  It was right in the location I need to be and everything!
  • When I got to checkout, it asked if I had a coupon code - so I opened up another tab in my browser and searched for " Coupon Code".  I found one right away via RetailMeNot - 10% Off each night using code "41010"!

My 3-Night Stay if booked through the hotel's website = $237
(- about 30% Discount) = $197.97
(- 10% Off Coupon Code) = $179.67
(- $20 Mail-In Rebate) = $159.67
(- 6% Shop At Home CashBack) = $150.17
My 3-Night Stay booked through ShopAtHome & = $150.17!

★I saved $93 guys - enough to pay for Gas both ways!★

Other great sites to check: Travelocity,  Expedia, Hotwire

1 comment:

  1. Thanks! I have to book a hotel in Louisville in August. This will help a ton!



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