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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rite-Aid Wellness+ Program: GREAT COUPONS!

Hey guys - we were having problems with the links earlier, but they've been fixed and everything works now! If you haven't signed up for this yet - get with the program! (The Wellness+ Program!)

I haven't talked about the Rite-Aid Wellness+ Program yet, but I think it's high time I did.  This is Rite-Aid's new store loyalty card - and with that card comes Members Only Pricing.  Do you want to pay $10 for something when card-holders pay only $8?  I sure don't! I will begin using Wellness+ Coupons in the weekly matchups, so please sign up so you won't feel left out!

Coupons & Pricing Benefits:
  • When you register HERE , you'll get to print off a $5 off $25 Coupon (Woot!)
  • Then you'll get an email with $50 MORE in coupons!  (Double-Woot!)
  • You'll get up to 20% off pricing with your card
  • You'll get 10% off Rite-Aid brand items everyday
  • You'll get occasional Rite-Aid Coupons at the bottoms of your receipts!
  • You'll get emails with Members-Only Coupons like:
-$1 off $10 in Oral Care
-$2 off Cosmetic Purchase of $2.99 or more
Points & Redemption:
  • Every $1 you spend = 1 Point ($$$'s are counted BEFORE Coupons!)
  • Every Prescription Filled = 25 Points
  • Use the points to earn a 10% Off Shopping Pass, 20% Off Shopping Pass, and MORE!
Click HERE to get all the details and sign-up TODAY!  Don't put it off one more week, or you'll be missing out....


  1. 1st I couldn't find it with your link and had to "swag buck" it to find it (and it wasn't one of the 1st ones to come up from the search). 2nd since I have already registered on the site, I didn't have to register again, but don't know a thing about how to get my card for credit on purchases. 3rd since I already had registered on the site, I didn't get the $5 off $25 purchase. Any suggestions, anyone?

  2. I just logged in to my account and was able to request a card. There was a page for the wellness+ program - clicked on that and then there was a box "No, i do not have a card" - filled in information and got my coupon right away. Just do some searching once you log in and you should be able to find it....

  3. The next time I logged in I was able to do exactly what mommyof2 did...I elected to use my phone number until my card comes in the mail.



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