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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We have many more that we will keep posting!

Hi Girls!

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your class. I have been to Bi-Lo a couple of times just to break my husband in. He has been reluctant both times saying we don't need all this Mac & Cheese & BBQ Sauce & when we checked out his eyes said it all! The cashier, the lady bagging & my husband was saying how did that happen!

I told them all about your class & gave them your website. Hopefully they will be looking for you next time your in Dalton giving a class.

-Cindy T. 5/19/2009
Kelly & Kasey,

I emailed Sherwood Baptist leader of financial studies last night and gave ya'll a gotta have recomendation. I told him to let me know when you go that way. I have lots of family and friends down there. We are telling everyone about your class. We will probably go through another one of the seminars when it comes to Dalton to refresh, it was so good, we want to make sure we didn't miss anything. He is going to suggest it to area pastors at the next meeting.

Gary and I are excited about who we can minister to with the savings on food. We have a local pastor and wife without income right now, so we are gathering for them as well as the homeless. This is sooo exciting. We are going to form a ladies couponing class during the summer since we don't have cell groups during summer months. We are going to use what we have learned to minister to others and encourage our ladies to gather food, sharing coupons, etc. as an outreach ministry.

Ya'll have been a big blessing to us. This was just what God ordered. Thank you all so MUCH. You are on my prayer list and we will help any way we can.

-Michelle M
(pastor's wife from a recent event at a host church)
Thank you so much Kelly and Kasey. I really enjoyed the workshop. And I have a coupon buddy already. I'm excited to go shopping this week.


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