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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We got the email below from our friend, Tracy, her daughter made the Revolution Show Choir at Lake Forest School. her goal is to help students that don't have the resources. She knows of several students that have incredible talent, but can't afford it. Most of us already spend money at the same stores that she has gift cards for, so it actually doesn't cost any additional money.

Many of you know Abbi tried out for Revolution Show Choir recently and made it! However, you also know what that means … $$$ and more $$$ . I usually hate fund raisers and try my best not to ask friends or family to purchase anything unless I feel it is of a benefit to them. At our parent meeting last night a fund raiser was presented that I was totally excited about … gift cards.

Let me explain … you purchase and pay for the gift card from 100’s (and I mean 100’s) of vendors … the vendor in turn gives Lake Forest a small percent (anywhere for 1% t0 10% depending on the vendor). So … you would be getting something that you use for the full monetary value on things you buy every single day.

This fund raiser will start today and continue throughout the entire year … they are placing an order tomorrow so I wanted to get this e-mail out to everyone just as soon as possible.

Some of the stores are:
Old Navy
American Eagle
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Pottery Barn
Home Depot
Bath and Body Works
Outdoor World
Linens and Things
Ace Hardware
Great Clips
Barnes and Noble
AMC Theaters
TJ Maxx
Best Buy
Regal Cinemas
Olive Garden
Cracker Barrel
Toys R Us
Marriott Hotels
BP Gas

Well, you get the point … if you are going to buy gas, shop for groceries, home repairs, yard work, buy a graduation, wedding or shower gift, go out to eat, go on vacation, purchase reward gifts for employees, businesses, etc … ANYTHING at all … please consider purchasing a gift card from us. I plan on purchasing Wal-Mart cards and letting Stephani use these for gas instead of cash from now on (gas is .3 cents cheaper at Wal-Mart when you do us a gift card) and most of their clothes are purchased at American Eagle, so I plan on using the gift card instead of cash.

I can have the cards back in 5 to 7 days from the time I order them and we will be ordering every single week from now on … if I can get a cash reserve built up I will order extras and try and have them on hand in the future so you don’t have to wait. You do not have to pay up front … you can pay when I give them to you.

Thanks so much for your time in reading this and consideration! If you have any questions at all … please call me … 423.605.0817 (cell) .


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