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Thursday, September 10, 2009

BUMMED! But still Saving Money!
A little heads up from a fellow couponista reader and recent workshop attendee.  She has had several experiences at grocery stores in the East TN area who stopped her internet printable coupons that say, "do not double" from doubling.  To a newbie this probably sounds like a no brainer, but to those of us out there who have enjoyed all of our coupons doubling, we understand.  It has happened to both Kelly and I, but not consistently at any one store.

 TO OUR READER:  Thank you for the heads up, and your kind attitude.  We respect and appreciate your response, as I am sure the cashier did as well. You are so right in the scheme of real life your description is perfect - that "it is just some cheap cookie mix and that you still saved money!"   

Here is an excerpt from her email:
I went to get some cheap cookie mix had 4 internet pintables and 4 from the newspaper..all the same amout on them. Newspaper doubled but they stopped the internet ones. I was bummed! Still saved money though!
So you may want to give people a heads up....because most internet coupons say don't double.

Remember - it is always up to each individual store and managers discretion to make changes to their coupon policy.  There has been a tremendous influx of coupon usage in our area that the grocery stores have tightened the riegns a bit.  We are still getting great deals

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