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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Okay, this is by far the best and funniest testimonial we have read in a while.  Kelly and I nearly laughed our britches off this morning when we got this email.  Coupon Lady, thank you for taking the time to send us your story.  To everyone else out there who has a "story," email us at We are launching a new campaign - Time 2 $ave Time 2 Give and we want to hear from you.  Also, if you read our previous post HERE it might land you a spot on TV.

~The Coupon Lady~
I am a 31 year old man, with three kids...and now my nickname at work is "The Coupon Lady." You know what....I don't care. Neither do the other husbands from our church that all went on this little coupon class of yours. Here is our story.

"How much could this actually save us?" we asked. Spending hours disecting a newspaper to save $1.45 from a $2.00 Sunday paper did not sound like a good deal to me. Being the good husbands that we were, we all submitted and escorted our loving brides to this henfest. We were all expecting to be subject to the incessant babbling of a hundred women about the best place to buy candles, and why their husbands who didn't come were a bunch of dogs.

What we learned, changed our lives...and those of the ones around us. I've said a hundred times before "If it doesn't say Great Value on it...we don't need it!" Oh how mistaken I was. I now have two jam packed refrigerators, two packed freezers, and my wife has rearranged the kitchen three times to find room for our new found food wealth. The kicker is, that it is all BRAND NAME food!

This week at church, a family in need was brought up that needed food to survive. Instead of blowing the dust off of that one can of Sourkrout in the back of the cupboard and a few other items I didn't think we'd ever eat, we were able to gladly supply this family with GOOD brand name food. We were able to give them what we would normally buy in a grocery trip for our family. Because of our newfound skill, we were excited to pick out things we knew this family would enjoy.

To all of us husbands at church now, gone are the talks of Football scores, and NASCAR races. We bring our receipts and brag of our savings, or finding the deal that they didn't. "You saved 70%...that's not to bad. I SAVED 80%!! TAKE THAT!!! Have you ever seen men that raced to the grocery stores on Wednesday morning before work....we do now!

I am such the nerd, that I have been keeping a spreadsheet of our savings. You will find it attached. In only three weeks we have filled our cabinets, eaten better than we ever have, and saved over $1,000 while doing it. Thank you for your classes, and we at Boynton Church of God are glad you will bring your class to our church.

Jay "The Coupon Lady"

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