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Monday, November 30, 2009

Nestle Cookie Dough....Free @ Publix soon!

Let's take a quick break from all those online deals today to get a bit of printing done- shall we? 
I'm not trying to give away any Top-Secret Sneak-Peeks or anything.... but if you will just mosey on over HERE and print out the $1.50/1 Nestle Cookie Dough coupon on the site, you miiight score completely FREE cookie dough at Publix on Wednesday!

If you want more coupons for Nestle Cookie Dough, you can also print $1/1 HERE!

This is the last day of November, which means many of the coupons on, redplum, and smartsource will disappear come tomorrow.  I've heard rumors that some of these print limits have been reset, so you might want to go try printing whatever you want (even if you already have before) while you still can!


  1. While not entirely free- my husband and I found a great deal on cookie dough at Bi-Lo. The Pillsbury "Simply" Chocolate chip cookies (1 dozen package) is on sale 2/5.00. The packages have a save 1/1 peelie and blinkies for save 1.50/2. When used together it makes a dozen cookies just .75 :-)

  2. I can't believe they let you use both! That's great!

  3. Hey Brandi!
    Thanks for writing in your deal - I just wanted to point out though, that a $1/2 coupon counts as the ONLY manufacturer coupon you can use on BOTH packs of cookies. Since that MFR coupon's wording covers both packs, you can't use another MFR coupon on either pack.
    I'm glad you were able to get some cheap cookies - I just want everyone to know that "them's the rules", so that they don't run out to try it too! Sorry to rain on your cookie parade - but hopefully you can get some free ones at Publix this week!

  4. Oops... so much to learn being a couponing newbie. Off to the printables for Publix this week! Sorry!!!

  5. Hey, no problem! We all start out as newbies- and there's so many things to learn! Glad you're on board!



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