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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Year, New Time2Save Features!

As we all raise our glasses to a new year, we here at Time 2 $ave will be raising the bar by introducing some GREAT new features to our website!  Check out the things we have in store:
  • Video Tutorials
We've been working with a producer (and planning for a very long time) to bring you fun little How-To videos on everything from Drugstores, Groceries, Coupon Organization and other Tips&Tricks -  Look for these weekly video installments early in the coming year!
  • "Simplify Sundays"
With the help of the self-proclaimed "Queen of Clutter-Free" we'll be bringing you weekly tips on how to simplify your life, making it easier to focus on the important things.  We're very excited about this new feature, as it seems a couponer's world is rather "Cluttered" by definition!
  • Re-Vamped Website
We'll readily admit that in the hubbub of teaching workshops, keeping up with grocery & drugstore deals, and trying to keep our home-lives running smoothly..... Well, we've put spiffing-up the website on the backburner.  BUT NO MORE!!! 
Early in the new year we'll be making some welcome changes to the layout, categories, sidebar topics, etc...   All this in an effort to make the site not only Useful but User-Friendly!
  • Suggestions Please!!!
While we're on the subject, we'd love to hear YOUR suggestions for anything you'd like to see here on this site.  We want to help you out in your Couponing efforts in any way we can - whether you're a beginner or a long-time "Coupon Diva".
Above all, we want to minister to others through what we've learned and give back when we can.  So if you've got a good idea, please leave a comment here or email us at time2save (at) hotmail (dot) com.  We'll take it under consideration and hopefully be able to make some of those things happen!


  1. My only suggestion is to make it to where when I click on a link it doesn't take me away from your site. Like on southern savers when I click on a link, once I am finished printing coupons or whatever I just x that box and I'm still on southern savers. With yours I have to navagate back, wait for it to load, and then scroll down to where I was. Just a thought.
    Thanks for your great site! I love it! I feel like I know you guy, your great!

  2. Kelly - I couldn't agree with you more! We're definitely going to figure that out (I'm tired of navigating back here too!)



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