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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Walgreens 4-Day Sale: Free Brushes start today!!

This 4-Day sale at Walgreens is very exciting, I don't often buy myself hair goodies, but lately I'm getting enough to last me a long while!  Check out all the moneymakers and freebies below - and if you come up with any great scenarios for how to work it all to your advantage, leave it in the comments!  For the regular weekly deals, go HERE

*Spend $25 and get back a $5 register reward will print after you pay.  The total should reach $25 before coupons.*

Conair Brushes or Scunchi Hair Accessories $2 ~ Get $2 RR
(makes it FREE!!) *Ping-Pong this back and forth with the Stim-U-Dent to get a few!

Stim-U-Dent 100 pack $2 .00 ~ Get $ RR
(makes it FREE!!) *Ping-Pong this back and forth with the Conair/Scunci to get a few!

Neutrogena Men’s Skin Care $4.99 ~ Get $4.99 RR
Use $2/1 from Dec. All*You
(Makes it FREE + $2 Overage!!)

Just For Men Touch of Gray Hair Color $6.99 ~ Get $6.99 RR
Use the $2/1 PRINT
Submit for $7 rebate HERE
(makes this an AMAZING Free + $9 Overage deal!)

Renu Multi-Purpose Plus Solution Twin Pack 8 oz each $9.99 ~ Get $9.99 RR
Use $2/1 PRINT (*I hear it prints 4x per computer!)
(makes it FREE + $2 Overage!)

Stayfree 16 or 24 pack Maxi or 16 pack Ultra Thin Pads $1.99 ~ Get $1.99 RR
Use the $1/1 HERE or HERE
(makes it FREE + $1 Overage!) *As long as you add a $1.01 filler with this, you can Ping-Pong it with the Stim-U-Dent or Conair/Scunci RR's!

  • Russell Stover Chocolate Buy one get one Free @ $8.99
  • $4 Off In-Ad coupon on Toys that are priced normally $9.99
  • 50% off Select Christmas Decor


  1. Question:

    In this deal:
    Neutrogena Men’s Skin Care $4.99 ~ Get $4.99 RR
    Use $2/1 from Dec. All*You
    (Makes it FREE + $2 Overage!!)

    If we purchase a $2 item, would it be free with the overage?

  2. Hey, I must be having a dense moment - can you clarify for me a little more what you mean by $2 item?
    The Neutrogena that gives a $4.99 RR costs $4.99 - if there are any $2 kinds, then it wouldn't be the one giving the RR back, so no moneymaker. Just lookout for the little yellow signs above the product!
    Hope that answers your question - but if not, let me know!

  3. Ok, let's try this again!:) Your dense moment is probably a correct response to my dense moment!

    In purchasing the Neutrogena, if we use the $2 off coupon, it creates a $2 overage. We won't get $2 cash back, so should we purchase an item that is roughly $2 to get that overage? For instance, if we purchase Neutrogena Shave Cream and a $2 pair of socks, using the $2 coupon, would the socks then be free?

  4. Since you receive the $4.99 reward after the purchase, you won't technically have overage.

    For example:
    -$2.00 coupon
    Pay $2.99 Out of Pocket, then after the transaction you will receive a RR of $4.99 to spend on your next purchase. Therefore, a $2.00 money maker when you pay $2.99 OOP but get back $4.99 in RR

    Hope this helps!



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