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Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Recipe Segment: Steak Tips Over Rice

I am no chef.  Seriously - I think the love of cooking is one of those things that may have to develop when:

a) Your whining 1 year old is not standing between you and the stove and pushing on your legs.
b) Your attempts at "nice" dinners aren't met with 4 little kids crying into their plates because it's not macaroni.  Again.  Picky eaters - I am one, and I apparently breed them.
c) Your weekly food budget is so small that you can't even afford one of the ingredients in those "Top Chef"  recipes.  I watch those chef shows.  I see my husband looking wistfully at that food. Frankly, I resent it, chef show!

It's easy to get stuck in a rut. I'm sure we all need more ideas for recipes that are

Since, as I mentioned, I am no chef, I'll be mostly pointing to other people's recipes.  My favorite cooking site ever - SouthernPlate - will provide this week's recipe.  Each week I'll try to pick one that matches up with ingredients that are on sale. This week's recipe and ingredient list are below - Enjoy!

★Crockpot Steak Tips Over Rice★

You'll Need:

★- 1 Boneless Bottom Round Roast: $1.99/lb
   *Ask the butcher to cut this into stew meat- aka: your "Steak Tips")

★- 1 Can, Jar, or Packet of Gravy: cheap
   *I still have some leftover from those Holiday gravy sales!

★- White Rice:  50¢ for an easy-steam bag
   *Get it at Publix this week as part of the Green Giant Frozen Vegetables Sale.

I will probably add baby carrots and mushrooms to this dish - what do you think?  Doesn't it sound great?  And don't you wish that Christy Jordan was your best friend and neighbor????
Leave a comment if this is a segment you'd like to see every week!

Also, if you have an awesome recipe that meets all of the above requirements (Cheap, Easy, Family Friendly) - send it to us at:  with the header "Recipe Roundup".  Please make it look pretty so I can just copy & paste it here - and if you've got a picture - show it off!  Just think, this is your chance to be a published cook.....and help out those of us stuck in a rut!


  1. I love the segment and hope we will being seing more!

  2. Me too Amy! Let's just plan on it!

  3. Yummy...bring on the recipes - I am always on the hunt for new ones. My family is also known as "guinea pig" - I love being in the kitchen.

  4. hey who cares about cheap that just sounds good and easy, my kind of dish! will enjoy this! and oh i do care about cheap too!LOL



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