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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CVS Coupon Update

The $5 off $20 CVS Coupon from the Fresno Bee has been taken down.
(Sad, sad sigh.)
This is due to the fact that, just like the last time, people have taken extreme liberties and have even been selling them on ebay.  Check this out!

 As per CVS's coupon policy, once a coupon has been pulled from a website ad, it is no longer supposed to be printed and used.  Therefore, if you had saved it as a PDF file, you should not print and use it anymore.

Sorry to disappoint everyone, I hadn't gotten the chance to do my wonderful Pepsi scenario - I am pretty bummed right now!


  1. What kind of coupons can be sold without being considered fraud? Don't all coupons have some kind of clause included in the coupon wording against being sold?

  2. wow...that seller has some nerve... way to mess it up for the rest of us...

    faeriemommy76 - MOST ebay sellers list that the coupons are free, you are paying for their time to gather, clip and package your coupons for shipping. There are some great sellers out there, on ebay and clipping services - they are great for those that are in areas where the inserts are less than desirable. HTH!

  3. That does help! Thanks for the info, I haven't tried purchasing coupon lots from eBay yet and wasn't sure what I needed to be looking for in the description.

  4. Oh totally - I buy coupons on ebay all the time! The problem with this particular one is that you are not allowed to sell or buy printable coupons on ebay. The purchaser has no idea whether or not the seller has simply made 100 copies of the coupon or what! I met a woman in the grocery one time who kindly offered to share some of her yogurt coupons she'd purchased from ebay. I looked at the 6 or so coupons in her hand - all black & white copies with the same barcode! She had no idea, but whoever she bought them from really took advantage...



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