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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Home Depot Savings Newsletter & Home Made Simple Coupons

I'm feeling a little loopy after a morning spent typing up grocery prices and keeping my 3-year from dumping out all the folded laundry so he could use the baskets for trampolines.  (I kid you not, 2 hours of folding, down the drain....)  Therefore, I'm shaking up grocery day and giving you the heads up about a new way to save at Home Depot!

If you go HERE and sign up for the Home Depot savings newsletter, you'll receive their ad in your inbox and occasionally special savings offers.  I'm hoping there are some good coupons that come from this, because the Ace & Lowe's hardware stores in my town accept Home Depot coupons (yours probably does too, it's a competitor thing)! 

While we're on the subject:

There's a new link for the HomeMadeSimple Coupon book!  If you  Sign up HERE, you will receive a fabulous coupon booklet in the mail shortly.  It's called Home Made SImple - and it contains High-Value coupons from Cascade, Swiffer, Dawn, Febreeze, Mr. Clean & more.  Sometimes they even have free coupons in them - I got one for FREE Jet-Dry last time!  Woot!


  1. I requested my coupon book - thanks! I went to KMart today - they also have a coupon book you can pick up, with over $45 savings. All coupons at least $1. Not sure if these can used at other stores, as these all say "Kmart Savings Coupon" on top, but wanted to pass on the info.

  2. Called Fort Ogle K-mart today and they say they don't know WHEN they will have another Double Coupon time -- Manager streses that it was pretty abused last time --- ????? Anyone else have that response??

  3. Abused?!?! Interesting. What does that mean? They offer the promotion, but they don't want you to actually make use of it? Or does that mean people weren't following the rules of the promotion?



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