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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cool Savings Tutorial!!

If you dig a little you just might find an extra set of printable coupons.  Here's how to print an extra set of Smart Source Coupons.

Cool Savings -  Tutorial
You may have seen CoolSavings advertised before online, but were afraid it might be one of those "quick survey's" that result in a gift card at the end.  I admit, I fell for it, then quit after an hour of questions and no gift card.  COOL SAVINGS IS NOT A SURVEY SITE!!  Once you get past the inital log in, and decline the offers you'll find a treasure - SMART SOURCE PRINTABLES!!

Click HERE to log in.
(Right click the HERE above to open link in a new window to keep tutorial open.)
Enter Zip Code and Email Address

Same registration as other coupon sites.


You do have to click through a couple of advertisements, just click SKIP!

Last One - Click NO!
Don't even waste your time reading this stuff.  Just No!

1 comment:

  1. I had a question about smart source coupons and I'm new at this so you may have already answered this, but how do you get smart source to print more than one coupon per page? I'm wasting a lot of paper because of this. The other sites will do at least 3 to a page, but not smart source. Why?



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