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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WOW! Lots of Kraft Printables!

I just found a whole herd of Kraft printables that you need to get! Go HERE to print out the following - looks like some have already hit their limit!
*First of all, don't forget to print this $1/2 Kraft Cheese PRINT
$1/4 Philly Cream Cheese *Print Limit Reached?
$1/1 Velveeta
$1/2 Planters Nuts *Print Limit Reached?
$1/2 Capri Sun *Print Limit Reached?
$1/1 Parmesan Cheese *Print Limit Reached?
$1/1 Oscar Mayer Bologna
$1/1 Oscar Mayer Lunch Meats *Print Limit Reached?
$1/1 Claussen Pickles
$1/2 Kraft Shells and Cheese * Print Limit Reached?

HINT: These have big ads that print on the bottom of the page after the coupon.  To avoid wasting your ink on such rubbish, watch the coupon as it prints, and as soon as it is on the page push CANCEL and the rest of the page will shoot right out blank.  You can then print the next coupon on that half of the page, and hit cancel to avoid the next ad.
This might seem kind of silly, but when you print as many coupons as we do, you have to cut corners anywhere you can to save on ink and paper!

I personally use every paper my kids bring home from school as printable coupon fodder.  (The ones that don't go on the fridge of course!)  What do you do to save on ink and paper?


  1. I get my ink at Inkredible...and if you have a kids first coupon book you can use the coupon...its buy one get one free.

  2. What is this kids first coupon book you speak of?????

  3. Hamilton County Elementary schools sale them for $10 in September!

  4. Hey Jamie - my daughter's school still has some of these for sale. :D And they are LOADED with other great Q's too - how about a free pizza from Little Ceasar's after your shopping trip at publix? It's in there. And several BOGO's to lots of places in Chattanooga. I used 3 Q's out of it and it paid for itself, everything else is $$ in my pocket.

    BTW - the new month is almost upon us. Don't forget it's family day the first Sunday of the month at the Hunter Museum. Yet another free thing to do every month with your kids. Yay!!

  5. Anyone else having a problem printing these. I was told I had already printed them. I have not printed any of them. I am just beginning tonight is my last ws. Please help!

  6. Becky, I got that message from several of them, but not all - I guess that means they hit their print limit already....

  7. foxfunds, my Kids First, doesn't have a free Little Caesar's Pizza?

  8. Really??? It was a $5 off coupon - and their cheese and pepperoni pizzas are $5 - which makes them free. Check the listings in the front to make sure it was there. You can call Kids First and tell them that your book was missing XYZ coupons - and they have been known to replace them. (I experienced this when they used to have the 10% off at Lowe's/Home Depot - a frequently stolen coupon).

  9. Thanks ladies - I was a printing maniac when this popped up this afternoon - glad I did. It looks like they are already gone.

  10. I was able to prin these today. With the current sale at Kroger you can get few of these items are pretty good deals ! The Velveeta sale is $3.79 with the $1 that makes it $2.79. The Philly Cream cheese sale is 99 cents each, which is 4 for $4.00. Use the $1 off coupon making it 4 for $3.00, making them 75 cents each ... woot woot !! I might by 2 sets of 4 and freeze them.



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