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Friday, January 29, 2010 ~ An impressive discount for any couponer!!

I (Kasey) am all into the new tutorials we have been doing to try and walk you through the process of all the money saving offers we find.  I see ads for everywhere but by the time I got around to checking it out all of the good restaurants were out of stock.  We got an email this morning so I thought I would check it out.  They have added several new restaurants in the Chattanooga area and all of the really good ones are still in stock.  Yippie!!

Since I am snowed I could get a little crazy finding good deals.  Once I start looking, sometimes its hard to quit.  I could be one click away from the best deal ever.  So keep your eyes peeled to see what I sniff out.

Remember the price is before the 80% discount.  Make sure to read the qualifications for each restuarant.

Again, before 80% coupon code!

Typed in coupon code BONUS and my $75 gift certificate is now $6.00!?!  My kids would love to watch the food being cooked in front of them.  I probably wouldn't eat it myself, because I am a country girl who likes Cracker Barrel, but the entertainment is fun.

I wanted to play around with this and see how many gift cards I could buy for under $20.

1. $75 to KanPai of Tokyo
2. $25 to the Murder Mystery Cafe
3. $25 to The Station House
4. $25 to The Melting Pot
ALL FOR $12.00  That is crazy.
This could make for some serious hero gifts to teachers, coaches, anniversaries,
wedding presents, or to just treat yourself.  Don't forget to read the details of each restaurant.

Click HERE to check it out for yourself!! 
For all our Middle GA folks and others not in our area type in your zip code to see a list of hot deals for your area.  Since we aren't familiar with other places, we don't know what restaurants are good or bad.

If you decide to jump on this deal leave a comment and let us know what you got and what your total was at checkout.  I see a girls night in my future!!


  1. I got 2 $25 for the Melting Pot
    2 $25 for the Mystery Murder Theatre
    1 $75 for Kanpai of Tokyo total price was 14.00

  2. I would like to buy purchase these but have read in the past it is a scam at some restaurants and they will not accept them. Have you purchased these in the past and they were accepted??

  3. Just bought $160 for less than 15. As long as you follow the rules on the certificate, you shouldn't have a problem. Sometimes people don't want to follow the guidelines on the certificate (total purchase price, no other coupons or promotions allowed...).

  4. I am confused about the minimum purchase price. I that when you use your certificate or when you purchase the certificate?

  5. How do you get the 80% discount? Is there a code I am missing?

  6. I just bought some for $9.60 (kanpai, market st tavern, blue orleans, foodworks, La Olla) Most have a minimum purchase, but it still is cheap eats with the gift certificate.

  7. We used the Melting Pot have to purchase 2 full meals so it still ends up being very expensive to eat there...we spent about $65 and that was AFTER the $25 off...

  8. You're right Rhonda - these gift certificates are often to expensive places, or require a full meal purchase, etc.. that makes it not exactly "Cheap". But I think where it benefits us most is the times when you are willing to spend more at a restaurant (i.e. anniversary, brithday dinner, Valentine's Day, etc...)- and this makes that expensive meal much cheaper!

  9. I bought a $25 Melting Pot and a $50 Riverside Foodworks and I see the Melting Pot one as a BOGO since their entrees are about that much. The other takes a $100 purchase to use and I didn't realize that until after I had purchased it but there's no limit to the number of people in the party so we're going to take a group and split the other $50. This also will give my family the opportunity to try some places we haven't already been!

  10. So my question is can you stack the certificates. One place says you can't but the others don't say.



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