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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Prescription Transfer Coupons = CVS FREE MONEY!

If you have a prescription to fill or transfer, here are some links to coupons that will get you gift cards for your transfer (or new prescription).  Because CVS takes competitor pharmacy coupons, they will match these offers and you can use that giftcard to go toward this week's deals!
P.S. It looks like the CVS Pepsico deal this week that was supposed to be Limit 1 - is actually a Limit of 5!! If you want to do it again before Sunday, go for it!
  • Get a $25 Gift Card from Rite-Aid when you transfer a prescription PRINT 
  • Get a $10 Gift Card from Target when you transfer a prescription PRINT
Kind of makes me wish we had prescriptions right now!
- Thanks, SouthernSavers and TotallyTarget!


  1. I already use cvs and my husband is at the dr right now. I know he'll get a prescription. Since we already use cvs can we use the coupons there?

  2. Yes, CVS pharmacy takes competitor coupons.

  3. Yay - thanks, I forgot they take competitors Q's to keep us at CVS. I just got a new rx this week and need to drop it off.

    And we get $2 ECB's for every rx filled during the double bucks event until March - even better!

  4. my cvs pharmacy said they do not accept rite aid coupons. I went to rite aid to get prescriptions filled and they told me it was only on transfers?

  5. really????
    the rite-aid coupon does say transfers, but if your CVS pharmacy accepts it as a competitor, they will go ahead and allow it to count for new prescriptions only.
    I'm sorry to have sent you on a wild goose chase, these prescription coupons are generally accepted at any CVS - perhaps they are cracking down because of some people who play the "Prescription Transfer Moving Game" a little too often......
    Jill, if you haven't already filled the prescription, or even if you have but have not picked it up yet, I would encourage you to call around to a couple more CVS's to see. If one of them accepts this coupon, you can call Rite-Aid to tell them you've changed your mind about and then do it as a transfer to CVS.
    Again, I'm sorry this caused trouble for you!

  6. My CVS takes these coupons! Thank you so much for the information



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