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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bi-Lo: No More BonusSaver!

You heard me right: As of February 2nd, Bi-Lo has discontinued the month-long BonusSaver ads. But WAIT!  Before you grab your hankies, there is good news too...

They are replacing the month-long sale ad with a new long-term sale list called "Price-Lock".  This is basically THE EXACT SAME THING as the BonusSaver ad, essentially putting a select list of items on sale for a good month or so (I saw the dates on this month's were until March-something, but I forgot March-what exactly) that will run alongside the normal weekly ads.

I'm not sure if we'll get a little paper in the stands listing these deals, or if they will just have them on the website and remind us about them in the weekly ads, but they do all have bright yellow signs on them stating their "Locked-In" price and the dates of the sale.

So, if you waltz in to Bi-Lo tomorrow and wonder where your Bonus Saver has gone - that's where.  A long-term price lock is ALWAYS good for the couponers, because it gives us time to suss out the really good deals and order coupons for them.  No rush, no worry, we've got a good long while to gather these bargains!

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