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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The CouponClippers Tutorial!

The Coupon Clippers

I forgot to buy the newspaper last week. And darn it, I REALLY wanted to have that $1/2 Kraft Cheese coupon to supplement my cheese addiction.  Well, today I went on CouponClippers and ordered 5 of those coupons for 50¢ total.  In fact, I also ordered:

I just spent $4.05 on $50.50 worth of coupon savings.  Woot! 
Interested?  It's very cheap, and very easy, PLUS:
  • Snag coupons you missed out on, especially if your region gets lower value/lower number of coupons than some other regions.
  • Snag MORE coupons for items you really like!
  • Whenever you see a "Sneak Peek" for a grocery store/drug store, you can just order your coupons ahead of time and wait for them to arrive in time for the big sale!
You might be wondering why I ordered so many Hefty, McCormick, and Barilla coupons.  Well, starting on TOMORROW at Bi-Lo Hefty plates, cups and baggies will be BOGO, McCormick seasonings will be BOGO, and Barilla pasta will be on "Price Lock" for $1.

How do you know what next week's deals will be? 
HotCouponWorld, SlickDeals and AFullCup post previews when readers get hold of an early ad.  Use them as an ordering guide :)
So now you know why some savvy shoppers are able to score great deals in bulk while you are left holding a small handful of coupons.  Here's a quick How-To-Guide:

1) Go HERE and click on HOT COUPONS over on the left.  You want to see these first, because these are the coupons everyone's interested in and therefore the supply will run out fast.  Order those first!
 2) Once you've checked on those, click on COUPONS at the top.  You can look at them by alphabetical order, or just type in the name of the product.  You will notice several abbreviations around the coupons description.  (See what they mean in the FAQ section.)  DND = "Do Not Double"
DNT = Do Not Triple
9 or 5 = Let's you know if the barcode starts w/ a 5 (will probably double in a computerized doubling system) or 9 (will not)
3) Interested in tearpads, blinkies, or store coupons that you can never get your hands on?  They have those too!  At the top, where it says Non-SS (= Non Sunday Supplement) you will find random special coupons.  This is one of my favorite parts!

There are lots of features, so get take a look around!


  1. AWESOME!!!! I never knew about this! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

  2. Thanks so much, sounds wonderful! I can't wait to try it out!

  3. This was so easy! I bought some on Wednesday and went back on Thursday for some more. Considering the number I bought, I saved money this way because I didn't have to buy numerous papers or waste paper by printing a bunch.



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