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Monday, February 22, 2010

NEW: $1/1 Pillsbury Grands & $3/1 Aveeno Shampoo!

 Here are a couple new printables for you this morning:
  • $3/1 Aveeno Baby Essential Moisture Shampoo PRINT (FF Link)
If you like the Pillsbury Grands that are frozen in the bag, but can't find a good sale on them - here is a great tip from Tiffany (aka: FoxFunds)
"Yes, you can freeze a whole can of biscuits, but if you take them out of the can and flash freeze them on cookie sheets - you can make your own "pillsbury singles" biscuits. Freeze them and load up your freezer bags for one biscuit, two or twenty - they come out as fluffy as they were before freezing. I froze 80 biscuits today! 
 Another idea - bake biscuits until golden (not QUITE all the way). Cook sausage/bacon, bake eggs in muffin tins, add a piece of cheese. Wrap in wax paper & freeze for a fast breakfast during the week!"
Thanks for the tip, Tiffany!  I just got 12 cans of Grands FREE last night at Bi-Lo with the Pillsbury Catalina (ended yesterday) - and if I had a bigger freezer I would LOVE to try this out!  As it is, I just have my regular old kitchen fridge/freezer.   Leave a comment if you have any great "ways with biscuits", for those of us who have stocked up a lot lately!


  1. Okay - I'll add another one.

    Cook up a pound of hamburger, ground turkey, pork or whatever your ground of choice is. Add to it minced onions, garlic - whatever your heart desires. Drain and stir in barbeque sauce (homemade or store bought - whatever you choose) and shredded cheese.

    Now - preheat your oven to whatever it says on the biscuits, 350 I think (I tend to be a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of cook - it works for me...LOL). Now press the biscuits into a muffin tin, load with your meat/cheese mixture, top off with a little cheese,and bake until the biscuits are done.

    You have fun little muffin cups, (kind of like a twist on a sloppy joe), a hands on kind of dinner - add some raw veggies with dip, a salad, corn on the cob - make dinner fun with your kids.

    My kids love these, have since they were very little. It's one of our "finger food" dinners. When they were little, forks were complicated, so we started this tradition of finger food dinners - everyone ate with their hands. LOL - we still do it, and my kids are tweenager/teenagers now.

  2. Just wondering if I should freeze the dough unbaked or bake and then freeze? This is great! I was wondering what I was gonna do with all of those biscuits. :)

  3. Foxfunds, this is Kelly Myers call or email me. You have my info from the coupon swap. I am excited about coupon inserts!



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