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Monday, February 22, 2010


Last year, I received an email from my best friend and college roommate, Whitney that her seven year old son had brain cancer.  They took him to the doctor thinking he might have low blood sugar, but instead it was cancer - her family's world changed in a moment.  Instead of Forester returning to first grade he would instead be admitted to the hospital for brain surgery to remove the tumor followed by months of radiation and chemo.  Their faith and hope in the Lord is incredible here is a link to Forester's story and how it all began.  I would encourage you to go back through the archives and start from the beginning, and read their journey.  What a testimony of God's grace and mercy in the midst of a "fiery furnace."  Start HERE in January 2009, at the birth announcement of their new baby girl.  The next post is the beginning of their journey.  Praise the Lord!!  Forester is now cancer free and has just returned to school.   

Today, when I read Whitney's most recent post about perspective HERE I could relate.  In the midst of my dad's cancer, my three year old daughter being diagnosed with diabetes, and us having three mortgages I remember those same feelings.  I don't ever want to lose sight of what my heart truly desires.  It's not for my house to be perfect, or laundry to be done, or even my grocery list ready.  Those things are nice but in light of eternity and my family they mean nothing. 

Here is a link to the blog that Whitney referred to in her post.  Below is a picture of Layla Grace.  I couldn't get through the first post without crying and hurting for this family.  So tonight, before I go to bed as I look around at what appears to be the remnants of a bomb that has blown up in my house I am going to thank God for the mess.  Dirty laundry means that my family is alive, toys on the floor mean my children are healthy, and my worn out tired body means that I was able to work today.  As I kiss my babies good night, I want to make sure that I thank God for today and his blessings in my life. 

I would like to ask that all of you pray for Layla Grace and her family.  To pray for Whitney's family and Forester's continual healing.  I know that this post is hard to read, and that the emotions that it stirs are difficult to feel, but the gift of keeping our lives in TRUE perspective is priceless.     

Layla Grace - February 12th
(her first bubble bath since May of last year) 

God, I pray that you hold your precious daughter Layla in your arms tonight and comfort her as she sleeps.  I pray that she rests peacefully and free from pain.  I can't imagine how much her parents are hurting it seems impossible to face, I pray that you would carry them.  I pray that your presence would be so real and that your peace that passes all understanding would envelope their mind and hearts.  Give them strength that is beyond their own, and hope for tomorrow.   


  1. Thanks for sharing all this with us. What an amazing tool for spreading prayer needs that the Lord has given us in the internet! . . . but your 2nd and 3rd links aren't working right

  2. Thank you, the links are fixed now. Yes, sharing our prayer requests over the internet with one another is amazing.

    Couponing is a blessing, but really it's a tool that God can use to minister to so many people. We hope that our website continues to be a blessing and that our readers use it as a tool pray for, connect, and support one another.

    First and foremost beyond anything that we do we want the light and testimony of God's faithfulness in our lives to shine. For without him we know that we are nothing.


  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I am FOREVER touched my Layla Grace"s story and my Family or me will never be the same! Thanks for everything you guys do!!

    With Thanks,



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