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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Common Sense Media - Alice In Wonderland Review

Okay, so I mentioned yesterday that I like this helpful new site Common Sense Media - and here's why:

✤ It's Free.  They run on donations only.

✤ It gives me age-appropriate recommendations for my kids on books, movies, video games, and t.v. shows.  It says why it's appropriate (or NOT appropriate), and summarizes the content in a parent-minded way.

✤ You can search a movie title and see an in-depth rating for: Sex, Language, Violence, Drinking-Drugs-Smoking, and Consumerism.

✤ There's great parental advice categorized by Age - like for 7th & 8th grade there are articles about checking your child's browser history.  I'm learning right now how to setup a "Safe Search" so my kids won't run into smut when doing homework research(!)

A couple of my kids wanted to see Alice in Wonderland - so I looked it up.  Some of the violence is too much for them , which just goes to show - you gotta do your homework!

Excerpt from Alice in Wonderland's Violence Rating (3 out of 5 "Bombs"):

"..... Since these sequences are in 3-D, they're especially intense. There's a moat filled with cut-off heads and potions filled with severed fingers. People are scratched and nearly killed, an executioner is shown about to lower the axe on someone, and in the end, a creature is decaptitated. " 

To sign up for your free membership - and even get a FREE gift - go HERE (Offer good only until 3/31!!!)

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