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Monday, March 8, 2010

Cooke's & SuperSaver Coming Soon!!

For all you hometown shoppers out there who wish they had matchups for Cooke's & SuperSavers....  well they're coming to TIme2Save soon!  I just finished chatting with Maranda from The Frugal Freeloader - and she'll be sharing the highlights with us each week here on Time2Save! (Thanks, Maranda!)  Here are some interesting tidbits I just learned about Cooke's & Super Savers that's got me pumped for the new weekly ads:
  • Cooke's now has a Rewards Card.  Although I think the "prizes" offered in return for your shopping points are kind of lame and fundraiser-ish, I am over the moon about their new Paperless Coupons!  That's right, clean out the wax and listen up good: Cooke's new rewards card has loadable E-Coupons!!  Go HERE to sign up and get them loaded to your Cooke's Rewards Card.
  • I just found some Super-Saver online coupons as well HERE - stack them with MFR coupons for extra savings!
  • Both Super Savers & Cooke's have had flyers or tearpads full of manufacturer coupons recently available in the stores.  I'll try to give you that heads up when I find out -  I'm so excited!!!
Leave a comment if you're a Super Savers or Cooke's shopper - we want to know who you are!


  1. I live in Chattanooga, but I've never even heard of these stores. Are they in Cleveland?

  2. Laura, they are in Cleveland, but also other areas of TN & Georgia. They thrive more in the smaller towns I guess!

  3. Wow, I'm excited about that! Will the Cooke's card also work at SuperSaver?

  4. Noooo - the list of stores was on that Ecoupon site, and super savers wasn't among them. Looks like super savers is trying to do something though, now that they have printables. Who knows, maybe soon?

  5. Hey Jamie - how would one go about checking out the blog that you are referring to with Maranda? I always like to follow the links and see what others are coming up with - but it looks like her blog is by invitation only. :(



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