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Monday, March 8, 2010

MORE Photo Deals!

 There are lots of awesome photo deals going on right now - and it's a great time to take advantage of them so you can have them for touching Mother's Day & Father's Day Gifts!  Choosing the perfect photos to upload for these freebies can be really time-consuming, so once you've gathered up your best pics and are ready to upload, you might as well do several freebies with them at once!   Here are my Top 4 Photo Deals from around the web:

1) SeeHere: 50 FREE Easter Photo Greeting Cards (or any photo cards you can think of!)
Follow instructions HERE to get this amazing freebie!  I don't know how long it will last....

2) Picaboo: 1 FREE 8.5 x 11 Hardcover Photobook HERE  This is normally $39.99, but you will only pay shipping ($8.99) for it when you use code "AFFLGB" This site is the cream of the crop from what I've seen in the photobook area lately - you should see the myriad of themes, backgrounds, scrapbooking tidbits, and personalized touches you can add!  Go HERE & start creating a beautiful book of memories!

3) Vista Print: 1 Photo Coffee Mug for $1.99 HERE This just seems like a great Mom or Dad gift to me - who wouldn't want a picture of their kids to cozy up their office cubicle or desk?  Normally, these are $9.99 + $5 Upload Fee + Shipping.  Right now the mug, photo and shipping will wind up being only $5.67.  I can't think of anything my kids could give my husband that would be this cute and this cheap!

4) 50 FREE Photo Prints HERE for new resgistrants!  Just sign up, start uploading, and then pick up at your local store - no shipping fees!  This is good if you plan to put together a traditional photo album for someome, or just to help you get those photos off your harddrive and onto paper for free!

5)  Get a FREE 8x10 Photo Canvas from the CanvasPeople!  See HERE for Kasey's post on that.

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