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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Food Lion Dairy-o Scenari-os (6¢ Cheese!)

I was a little dismissive about the Food Lion Dairy Deal this week, until I started working out the deal possibilities in my head.  If you have the right coupons - you can really come out with a GREAT steal!  Plus, there are a couple new Breakstone's coupons that will work with this. Here are some possible scenarios to get cheap dairy items:

Dairy Deal
*Buy 5 Participating Products ~ Get $5 Off Instantly at Checkout!
Best Items to Use:
*Kraft Shredded, Chunk, Cheese $2.50 ($1.50)
Use $1/2 blinkie or BOGO blinkie *I found this one 2 days ago at Food Lion!!
*Kraft Singles $2.29 ($1.29)
Use $1/1 from Kraft Easter Seals Booklet found at Food Lion
*Breakstone's Sour Cream $1.79 (79¢)
Use 60¢/1 PRINT or use IE Link or Firefox Link

 Scenario #1: 
Buy 1 Kraft Singles + 4 Kraft Shredded Cheese @ $12.29
Use (2) BOGO Kraft Blinkies + $1/2 blinkie or printable (gone now) *Thanks AMY!
Also Use $1/1 Kraft Singles Q from booklet
Get $5 Instant Savings
(Pay 29¢ for all 5 Items = 6¢ ea!)


Scenario #2:
Buy (5) Kraft Singles @ $11.45
Use (5) $1/1 Q's *Assuming you've bought extras
Get $5 Instant Savings
(Pay $1.45 for all 5 Packs = 29¢ ea!)

Scenario #3:
Buy (5) Breakstone's Sour Cream @ $8.95
Use (2) 60¢/1 + (2) 55¢/1
Get $5 Instant Savings
(Pay $1.65 for 5 = 33¢ ea!)


  1. when using the BOGO blinkie on the shredded cheese, can I not use a Q on the 2 cheeses I am buying for regular price? Example: buy 4 packs of shredded cheese use 2 BOGO and 1 $1/2 coupon on the 2 I am still paying for.

  2. Amy - You most certainly CAN!!! I just forgot those $1/2 existed, is all. Where'd you get yours, if you remember?


  3. Ithink it came from publix a wile back but I am not sure. I also have a $2 off 2 kraft shredded cheese that I got at publix on Tuesday.

  4. Great scenarios! Thanks! But,what is a blinkie?

  5. Hey Cara! Welcome!
    Blinkies are those little blinking coupon dispensers you can find in the grocery aisles. Food Lion has a BOGO Kraft dispenser right in front of the cheese, while Publix has a $1/2 and a $2/2 Kraft blinkie right in front of their cheese section. You can use a (2) BOGOs with a $2/2 because the $2/2 attaches to the 2 cheeses you actually paid for when using the BOGO coupons.



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