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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ore-Ida $1.50/2 Coupon!! (UPDATE)

Guys - looks like this one must have reached the print limit or else it just picks folks at random.  I'm sorry - I just don't get it either!

Want the new Ore-Ida $1.50/2 Coupon?  Well, it looks like you have to jump through a couple hoops to print it!  

You need to click HERE and then hit the big green SKIP button at the bottom until you reach the Ore-Ida Page.  You'll fill out the small form to sign up for future Heinz/Ore-Ida coupons (Yay!) and then you'll be allowed to print (2) using the back arrow.

This coupon will make $2.39 bags of fries (on BOGO) only 40¢ ea at Food Lion this week!  Great to stock up on for cookout season...


  1. I couldn't get the coupon. Is there a certain zip code to put in? Thanks, love this site!! I hope to attend the workshop in Warner Robins.

  2. cant seem to find the oreida site-coupon, i skip all the way too smartsource, which is the end i think, done it twice, anyone have any suggestions??

  3. Oreida at Food Lion not a happy experience.
    I had (3) $1.50 off coupons.
    They were having a sale on them.
    So I picked up 3 Bags.
    Normally $2.89 each.
    Don't know what happened on that BUY.

    I have to go back in to see the sale price.
    But I figured they would be way cheap w/ coupons so I picked them up.
    The register tape says 3 @ $2.89.
    The bottom of the tape says $2.89 -B
    so I got one free.
    but see no $1.50 off at Scanned Coupons.

    So watch your cashier at Hixson Food Lion.
    Sometimes I wonder if they throw them under the desk. She was not happy today. Like it was a pain to do coupons. Going back thru bags checking products w/ coupons.
    Some stores are not coupon friendly.



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