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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That's MY man!

While there are times I'm frustrated with all the hats I, wife, default diaper changer, clothes and dish washer, etc.  there is one hat I don't wear - the "Go check out that noise" hat.  That one nicely fits my husband...and one he likes to wear I must admit.  Here's the note he found while leaving for work early this morning -
Hey Babe
I know this sounds crazy, but you know how I am.
I forgot to close the back door of the van yesterday.
When I went out to close it before coming to bed, there
was some kind of animal in the van.  I don't know what
kind - didn't stick around to meet him.  I turned the
garage lights on/off and made a lot of noise...I think
it left.  But I'm not sure.  Will you PLEASE open the doors
and check it out? Honestly, I don't know if my heart
will stop racing so I can sleep. 
Here are my keys...hope you have a great day!
Love you.

So you're getting the picture. My husband goes to bed earlier than I do because he leaves very early in the mornings.  When I did my nightly "cover everyone and lock the doors" check, I saw that I'd left the back door to my van open.  I couldn't close the garage door so I went out to shut it. Just when I reached to pull the door down, there was some kind of animal that popped up in the van.  Keep in mind that we live in the could have been a cat or a raccoon or much worse. I just went (okay, ran screaming) back in the house. I made a lot of noise and swung a mop around until I think I saw it exit.  I closed the door and ran back in.  Not only did my husband check my car before he left, he also came back home this morning to do another run through.
Thanks Hon!

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