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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bi-Lo Highlights: 4/28- 5/4 (4/29 - 55)

This week at Bi-Lo is so-so, but the few deals we have are GREAT!  I'm very happy about the Pot Roast deal and the return of the Old El Paso Catalina!  Now if we could just get some coupons to match.....


SH Large White Eggs 98¢
Boneless Beef Chuck Roast $2.99/lb
- Get FREE 1Lb Baby Carrots!
- Get FREE 8 oz Mushrooms!

Boneless Pork Loin Half BOGO @ $2.19/lb
Fresh Spit Chicken Breast 89¢/lb
Boneless Breakfast Ham $1.99/lb
Butterball Turkey Breast $3.99/lb

Jonathan Apples BOGO $1.49 per Bag
Red Seedless Grapes $1.29/lb
Cluster Tomatoes $1.99/lb

Best Deals & BOGO's:
*Remember* At Bi-Lo, you don't have to buy *2* BOGO items to get the savings -you can purchase *1* at half-price!  For all BOGO deals, I simply list what the price of *1* will be.

Grande Tortilla Chips $2.50
Use $1/1 from 1/10 or 4/18 SS
ALSO Save $1.50/1 with your Upromise E-Coupon
(Like getting them FREE)

Dole Pineapple 69¢
Use 55¢/2 from 3/21 SS (Will double)
(makes it 14¢ ea)

Banquet Value Meals 88¢
Use $1.50/4 PRINT
(makes it 50¢ ea)

Hormel Chili Master $1.68
Use 55¢/1 from 2/28 SS *EXPIRES TODAY!
(makes it 58¢ ea)

Old El Paso Catalina: Buy 3 ~ Get $1 OYNO, Buy 6 ~ Get $3 Off Your Next Order
Heat & Serve Packs or Refried Beans $1.25, Taco Shells, $1.50, Dinner Kits $1.99
Idea: Buy (6) $1.25 items = $7.50.    Get $3 OYNO = Like Paying $4.50 
(makes it essentially 75¢ ea for Refried Beans or Heat-n-Serve Sides)

Mission Flour Tortillas $2
Use $1/1 Blinkie *Tell me if you find these!
(makes it $1 ea)

Kraft Natural Shredded or Chunk Cheese $2
Buy Kraft 2% 8 oz cheese ~ Get SH 8 oz Cheese FREE!
Use various blinkie coupons
(makes it $1 ea without coupons)

Nabisco Classics Cookies BOGO $1.49 ea
Use $1/2 from Nabisco Calendar Booklet
(makes it $1 ea)

Kemp's Frozen Yogurt BOGO $2.24 ea
Use $1/1 Regional Q from 4/11 SS
(makes it $1.24 ea)

Hebrew National Beef Franks BOGO $2.49 ea
Use $1/1 from 3/7 SS
(makes it $1.49 ea)

General Mills Cereals: Reg. Price
Get $6 Off Instantly wyb 4 Cereals ($1.25 off each one)
There are various coupons HERE,HERE, HERE, and HERE
as well as in 3/21 & 3/28 SS
(If you find that any of these make a great deal, leave a comment!)

Bi-Lo's done it again with their fabulously sensible meal deal of the week!  Spend $9.98 on (2) Mystic Frozen Pizzas ~ Get FREE Pet Ice Cream, SH Potato Skins, and 2-Liter of Coke!

*Just a warning though, folks, if you keep allowing Bi-Lo to put your meals together - you will likely die of a heart attack by this time next year :)


  1. On the Old El Paso deal, there were lots of pkgs with peelies that said buy two Old El Paso products, get free seasoning pkt.... and the free seasoning pkts count as one of your products!! I scored mexican rice + seasonings for around $6, then got back a $3 OYNO! Not too shabby...

  2. With the new May coupons on you can get Cheerios and Lucky Charms for 80 cents each! I just did this deal. Here it is:

    2 Lucky Charms = $3.25 x 2 ($6.50)
    2 Cheerios = $3.55 x 2 ($7.10)

    - $6.00 instant savings for buying 4 GM cereals at regular price
    - $2.20 with 2 55 cent coupons that double for Lucky Charms
    - $2.20 with 2 55 cent coupons that double for Cheerios

    Total = $3.60 (or 80 cents each)

    You can do this with whatever cereals you like as long as they are a part of the promotion and you have a $1 coupon or 50/55 cent coupons that double.

  3. Oops.. I meant Total = $3.20. Also the Old El Paso Green Chiles are $1.34 if you go here ( for a 55 cent coupon it makes them 24 cents!

  4. Thank you gals! Rachel - just a note: the green chiles are NOT part of the catalina deal. I mean, they're still a great price, but I just don't want to trip anyone up over that (It's happened to me)

    Also - I wish my bi-lo didn't suppress the doubling on my coupons that say "Do Not Double". All of my 55¢ and 60¢ coupons are always only 55¢ or 60¢.... Booooo...

  5. Oh yeah, I knew they weren't part of the deal. I just wanted 24 cent chiles :) That stinks to hear about no doubling.



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