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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FREE PANTIES!! (And a mini-rant)

Well, I hope that grabbed your attention - because I don't want you to miss this freebie!  
Kasey calls these "Under-draars"  (Seriously, that's how she says that word), but I didn't know if anyone would want free "Underdraars".

Go HERE to fill out a form, which you can then take into Lane Bryant to get a FREE Cacique Panty! (Up to $12.50!)  Valid through 5/3.

Now, not to open up a whole can of worms - but did any of you hear about the Lane Bryant Commerical controversy going on?  

Apparently the Lane Bryant commercial, featuring a sexy model preparing for a date in only her lingerie, was pulled by ABC as being too racy for the 8-9 PM time slot.  The controversy lies in the fact that Victoria's Secret commercials are ROUTINELY broadcast at any old hour, including the "Family Hour" time slot.  This has many people asking the question: Are Plus-sized models are being discrimated against?

....Want to know what question I'm asking?

Why the heck do ANY of these commercials air during the hours when our children are awake?  There we sit, watching "Family Hour" television, and suddenly there it is:
A half-naked woman seducing my 7 year old.
And so sure, I quickly flip the channel - but will that image remain with him?  You betcha.

Okay, so I've had my mini-rant!  What are your thoughts?


  1. I have to agree with your rant! I saw the Victoria's Secret commercial last night (for their new "Naked" line and I was appalled (and I'm no prude). It was bordering on pornography. It's simply not okay. Another thing that irks me is the double we ever see men so scantily clad in TV commercials? Noooooo.....

  2. I agree that those images have no place on tv. However, since they ARE on our TV, I see the point of the controversy. I don't think the plus size women (who are just as beautiful as the skinny-please-feed-me-a hamburger models) are given the same "prestigiousness" (don't think that is a real word) as the Victoria Secret models... of course, it probably all has to do with money.

  3. Thank you Jamie!! Girl you know I am with you 100%. I don't want to see anybody's Under-draars on TV at any hour of the day. I don't care what size or shape the half naked individual is. Keep your Under - draars to yourself. Modesty is a virtue that needs to make a comeback.


  4. My kids are in bed by 8, with no TV. So as far as THAT goes, it's fine. Usually the Lane Bryant "plus size" models aren't so plus sized anyway, so that in my opinion is the real controversy.

    I mean have you SEEN the Dove commercials.

  5. I like the Hanes commercials with the women dancers. They are wearing a certain line of Hanes, that are "moveable" to wear, but they stay in place. If the commercial covers as much as a bathing suHof it, I don't have any problem, BUT agree small children shouldn't have to see overly scantily clad men or women. The human body is beautiful, small, medium, or large, but those skinny "need to eat a burger" girls shouldn't be allowed to be in commercials or in print...our society already has enough self image issues without these images instilled in all of our minds!



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