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Sunday, May 2, 2010

SImplify Sunday: 5/2 (Undies & Mother's Day)

Debby McCuiston, self-proclaimed "Queen of Clutter-Free", does a segment for us each Sunday on simplifying our lives, getting rid of "clutter", and focusing on what's important.  We love this uplifting weekly segment - and hope you do too!  Take it away Debby...
Well, I hope you all have had a great week trying to work through your "spring cleaning".
If you are like me, I am not sure I will get it all finished before we change seasons again. Then it's just too hot to get much done. So now the pressure is on, to get it done. ( Yep-- all we need is more pressure).
With Mother's Day just one week away, this may be a great week to get some extra help around the house. Anytime someone asks what you want for mother's day, and after your first answer of world peace is given, this is the time to mention how much you could use their help around the house. (Really, don't expect this to go over great, so have a back up plan, maybe perfume or a new outfit). This may be the only time all year that the family will ask what you want them to do to help you out. Don't pass out, or act surprised, just pull out the list and start passing out the jobs before they realize you took them seriously.
If you are a mom, take this week to do something special for yourself. Maybe go through  the drawers that hold your undies. Get rid of anything you have had since high school. It is also time to get rid of the ones you wore while you where pregnant. Most moms will tell you, they haven't bought any new ones since giving birth to their first child. If you can see thru them (and you didn't buy them that way) let them go. If you have to keep them up with a diaper pin, let them go. If you can't remember when you purchased them, let them go. If they have the days of the week on them, let them go. It's time to go and replenish your supply of pretty panties. No one has to see them, get something you like. You should feel pretty in them and they should give you a little spring in your step.
Now for the bra department (sorry for getting so personal, but the family is starting to complain). If you have never been sized for a bra, you can go to one of the high end department stores and have it done or you can find the directions to the proper sizing of a bra  on the internet and do it in the privacy of your own home. I first was introduced to how to fit a bra by watching "The Oprah Show". (This may be the first time you have realized that your mother did not teach you all you need to know to make it in this world). Make sure you pass this info on to your daughters, so as not to have it thrown in our face with all the other "things" we failed to do for them. ( This may be the thing that gets us on Oprah's next show about the ways we have "failed" our kids). 
Now that you've figured out that your bra should keep you feeling lifted - not "free" - make sure you purchase enough to be able to change a few times each week. I know people that have so many they can change during the day according to their mood. (Now that's living the high life). These should also make you feel pretty. (Remember just because you have gotten really pretty bras, the world does not need to see them).
Now you have gotten rid of all the old stuff, it's time to make sure you find a way to store all of these new items. If you are like me, I like my drawers to look nice and neat whenever I open them.  (Yep, my family thinks this is weird too!)
This seems like such a silly thing to worry about, but as women we need to feel pretty even if it's just for ourselves.  I am sure you have had those days you know are going to be tough as soon as you get out of bed. Knowing you took the time to make sure you have started your day with pretty "undies" may help to make you giggle instead of screaming. (We do what we have to, to make it through the day). The strange thing about all of this is, you may have never really thought about pretty undies before, but now you will at least notice them in the store and stop and think about it before you walk on, saying something about a crazy lady on the computer.  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!
If you are a mom, I hope you realize how important you are in the life of your children.  We may not be perfect. We may not be up for the "Mother of the Year" award. But we are important in the lives of the little ones that God has blessed us with. If you have children that are yours by birth, adoption, or stepchildren, they are in your life for a reason. I know that I have learned more from my kids then they ever have learned from me. I have learned to slow down and enjoy the little things. I have learned that letting your kids do it themselves is one of the best ways to learn something. I have learned that kids love you no matter how you look or what you weigh or how much you make. I have learned that the faith in a small child's eyes will show me what I need to believe, even when my mind tells me something different. I know that when they wrap those little arms around your neck the world somehow seems right. I know when I hear the words "I love you mom" my heart skips a beat no matter how old that child is. I know I would not trade places with anyone else in the world as I watch my kids grow to be the people that God created them to be. I am honored to be called "MOM". I may never set the world on fire, or be the one to finally bring about world peace, but I pray I have made a difference in the lives of my kids. I pray that I've taught them enough to make them want to learn more - so someday they may be the one that will set the world on fire. Make sure you thank your kids for giving you the best gift in the world--- the gift that keeps on giving-- their mom. I hope you have a wonderful day!  If your kids are grown and gone take some time to remember the "good old days", (the time when they thought you were smart and could do nothing wrong) those days pass so fast.

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