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Monday, November 23, 2009

Internet Printables ~ Where O' Where are you?

We received an email with a couple of great questions regarding internet printables that we thought others would benefit from. 

1.  "The Publix match up HERE lists a manufacturer internet printable for Ritz Crackers, but when I clicked to print, Save A  Lot came up with coupons, but no Ritz coupons."

Many grocery stores, such as Save A Lot have manufacturer internet printables on their websites.  When the grocery deals are posted, the link is valid.  BUT the manufacturer may only release 70,000 prints for a particular coupon, for example in this case Ritz crackers.  Once the limit has reached, that coupon is replaced with a new coupon.  We always try to keep all of our links updated but it is virtually impossible for us to know when each coupon reaches its limit.  

2.  "Sometimes when I click HERE to print a coupon from the website, I am directed to a page asking a lot of information such as name, address, and email address etc.  Then, after completing the information I can't find the coupon.  Where do I find the Dole printable coupon?"

You are right, many manufacturer's release coupons but ask you for information before you can print the coupons.  Why?  To learn more about you, the consumer, and  to create a database of customers.

2.  "I can't find the Dole coupon!"

Printing this coupon does require a couple of extra steps that could be intimidating to a newcomer.  As always, our goal is to help you be as successful as possible, therefore we have created a step by step tutorial to print the Dole coupon from the Pulbix & Bi-Lo ad. 

Step 1:  The Dole printable coupon is outlined in the square.  Click print, then follow directions below.

STEP 2:  To print the coupon, you need to play a quick online game.  Enter email address and click submit.

Step 3:  New user - you will be directed to the screen above, complete the information, then submit.  Returning user?  You will be directed to the screen below.

Step 4:  You'll need to play a quick game before being directed to print the coupon.  This is a manufacturer's way to inform you on their products.  Click play game.

Step 5:  Play the game by turning over the ornaments to find ones that match.  Even if you don't win, you will be directed to next page.

Step 5:  No grand prize winner today, but hey, they are offering you a coupon!  See the outlined area above move your curser to "click here for coupon."

Step 6:  HIP-HIP-HOORAY!  This is a"bricks" coupon.  Click print coupon, then the backspace 3 times to print your second coupon.  First time printing?  You will be asked to download software so that you can print coupons.

*Note:  If after you have installed the bar code printer mentioned above, and it continues to say "Install printer", Click HERE for suggestions that should resolve that issue.

Thanks for sharing Wanda hopefully this will help.  Please leave a comment if you find that a coupon is not on the link provided.  Also if you are confused you can always leave a comment on the website (at the bottom of post.) and we'll try and clear it up for you.  As a community of "couponers" we can work together to share information  know between us! 

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